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Marr Procurement is small business of the year after donating all PPE profits

Marr Procurement is proud to have been named a Small Business of The Year at Lloyds Bank National Business Awards following a strong year of growth after diversifying their portfolio, despite giving all their PPE profits in 2020 to 14 social care organisations.

Christoph Marr, CEO and founder of Marr Procurement saw the challenges that social care providers were facing when the pandemic struck, and sought to do all he could to help, not only by donating profits, but by directly supporting organisations fighting the virus with sorely needed PPE at a critical time.

Firstly, the organisation randomly selected 14 clients, most of which were charities, to provide 37,000 face masks at a time of great need. As the pandemic continued and worsened, and recognising that the sector needed much more, Christoph and his team worked hard at no cost to supply more than 65 million items of PPE to health and social care clients saving them money, and the stress of procuring them themselves.

Further, in 2020, Christoph and his team expanded their offering to include logistics, industrial, and maritime, providing them the opportunity to take advantage of Marr Procurements focus on supporting clients to reduce their costs, contributing to the wider community.

In being awarded the title, Marr Procurement were able to take advantage of a Q&A session with co-founder of the boutique hotel travel specialists Mr & Mrs Smith Tamara Lohan MBE, which provided them an opportunity to learn tips and tricks from an inspirational and successful entrepreneur.

Christoph said: “The pandemic saw regular, everyday people become true heroes, who put themselves on the frontline to care for some of those who needed it most. We knew the only option was to do what we could to help.

“Focusing on seeking innovative solutions for clients is always our priority, not only to ensure they can weather the pandemic but also to help them to thrive. We are delighted we have been recognised for this by Lloyds, while we feel we were just doing our bit, it’s great that we were in a position to do so, whilst also strengthening our business.

“The strategy session with Tamara was invaluable, she had fantastic advice, which I feel will really allow us to continue moving forward with integrity, benefitting not only our clients but wider communities as well.”

Attached photo: Christoph Marr, CEO Marr Procurement with Gordon Cochrane, CEO of Healthcare Homes Group

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