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Introducing Dan Ashenden our new head of M-Resourcing

We are delighted to announce the appointment of Dan Ashenden to lead our M-Resourcing service with effect from 1 December 2023.

M-Resourcing offers a multi-faceted approach to solving complex resourcing problems facing the care sector.  Whether you face spiralling staffing costs and pressures, or simply require a new approach to managing this critical area for your organisation, our comprehensive resourcing solution reduces costs, brings control and allows you to plan for the future with confidence.  We know from talking to our clients that managing their resourcing costs is still a key priority and this important appointment underlines our continuing commitment to the sector.

Christoph Marr, CEO of Marr Procurement: “Dan is a highly-capable leader and has incredibly valuable experience from his years in the care sector, managing and delivering complex temporary labour agency programmes.  We are excited to bring that experience to our clients.”

Dan spent 6 years at Priory Group “During my rewarding six-year tenure at Priory, I had the privilege of being appointed as the inaugural UK Agency Manager, where I honed my skills in enhancing their PSL offering. This experience has provided invaluable insights into the principles of effective temporary agency management, reduction, and control. Now, as the Head of M-Resourcing at Marr Procurement, I aim to leverage this knowledge to introduce innovative strategies for temp agency reduction to benefit our clients. My goal is to ensure the delivery of a cost-effective and compliant offering, especially in the face of increasing sector costs. With a rising demand and our commitment to fairness, our offering at Marr Procurement is poised to become even more beneficial.”.

Marr Procurement is a professional procurement organisation serving the care sector, and founded on the values of Integrity, Fairness and Quality.  In everything we do, we believe in doing things better, ensuring fairness for clients and suppliers alike, and always doing the right thing.  Marr Procurement was set up in 2008 and has since served more than 50 care clients in delivering savings through sourcing over £1bn of spend.

Christoph Marr, CEO Marr Procurement: “At Marr Procurement we believe in seeking to level the playing field for clients, ensuring they have equal access to the best procurement services and outcomes.  This is what drives us every day in serving our clients.  The team I have built are each highly capable leaders in their speciality but, importantly, they all share a common belief in fairness and transparency. This means they are always seeking the right solution for our clients, where trust is at the forefront.  Dan is a great fit for our business and for our clients and I am delighted to welcome him to the team.”

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