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International Women’s Day 8th March 2020

78% of the Marr Team are women! We think that’s reason to celebrate International Women’s Day here at Marr Procurement!

The theme for International Women’s Day this year is #eachforequal. This is something we live and breathe at Marr Procurement. We’re a team of 19 employees in the business, 14 of whom are women, 11 of whom are mums who wanted to return to work.

Building a team so heavily weighted towards women and women who want to return to work has absolutely been intentional from the outset. Marr Procurement was founded by Christoph Marr 5 years ago because as a Procurement Director he couldn’t find a procurement partner that operated with real capability and with absolute integrity. Christoph and his team have therefore worked hard to create a values led business. The team has gradually grown to 19 people and we have just signed with Jewish Care our fortieth care group.

Christoph said, “Successful and talented women with previously very senior roles in industry who want to return to work after a career break are a hugely untapped resource. These women have had extremely successful careers in finance and marketing and perform at an extraordinary level. So what if they want some flexibility with the hours they work? Their intrinsic DNA of operating as a team is inspiring and above all our clients love the combination of their capability and honesty, hence why I have actively hired them.”

The entire team at Marr are supported by flexible working practices when needed and the supportive approach yields high staff retention levels with only one member of staff leaving over the 5 years the business has been operating. We all embody our key value of integrity.

Consultant, (previously a Chartered Accountant with PwC), and mother of 3, Annabelle Pasco has been with the firm for 3 years. “Working for Marr Procurement has been very refreshing. I was very conscious that some businesses look at working mothers differently, particularly if they’ve taken time out to have a family. But this is not the case here, I’ve always felt valued and supported without question from the outset. We also have fun!”

Sara, (Chartered Accountant, previously Head of Finance and Global Planning at Reuters), who sits on the Marr Procurement Board and has also been with the firm for three years, said: “Having had two children I wanted to get back to work with flexible hours and working at Marr Procurement allows me to combine the career satisfaction I want and still means I can dedicate time to my home life. I also wanted to work in a business that doesn’t do politics and with high standards. More companies should take a leaf out of the Marr Procurement book!”

As the Marr team continues to grow the hiring approach policy remains the same, with the two most recent joiners including Kate Cotterill, Marketing Director and Mum of 3 coming on board.

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