Professor Sir Jonathan Asbridge

The Marr Procurement team worked closely with my clinical team on an important medical equipment sourcing project; I was delighted with the outcome which was a material saving but more importantly, this was achieved without compromising on quality.

Professor Sir Jonathan AsbridgeClinical DirectorHealthcare at Home
Mark Roderick

As with most organisations with revenues of over £1.5bn ensuring we buy goods and services cost effectively and without compromising on the care our patients receive is critical. We therefore partnered with Marr Procurement, the Care Sector Procurement Specialist, because of their reputation for delivering savings with integrity and transparency. The Marr team are simply extraordinary; I therefore strongly recommend Marr Procurement.

Mark RoderickChief Operating OfficerHealthcare At Home
Caroline Foster

Right from the word go, Christoph and his team hit the ground running and instilled the commercial confidence and rigour necessary to conduct thorough investigations into the project at Healthcare at Home. It was evident that the Marr Team work incredibly well together and were always on hand to respond swiftly to queries and met my expectations fully. In addition, Christoph brings a real sense of excitement and energy to his work which is infectious.”

Caroline FosterExecutive HR DirectorHealthcare At Home
Tony Evans

We appointed Marr Procurement because of their reputation in the care sector for delivering savings with integrity.

Tony Evans Procurement ManagerDimensions
Gordon Cochrane

At Healthcare Homes our residents are the focus of everything we do. It is therefore vital we buy goods and services sensibly and never compromise on quality; for this reason we have appointed Marr Procurement, the Care Sector Procurement Specialist, because of their reputation for delivering savings honestly and with integrity.

Gordon CochraneCommercial DirectorHealthcare Homes
Paul Humphreys

Care UK recruited Christoph Marr as its first Group Procurement Director in 2008, from IBM. He spent almost seven years working directly for me and in 2010 we were both involved in the management buyout backed by Bridgepoint Capital, which placed an even stronger emphasis on delivering bottom line value to the business. Christoph is a strong, experienced and commercial procurement professional with real commitment to delivering value and, alongside that drive, an impressive ability to take people with him, which he demonstrated through a number of complex change programmes that he successfully led at Care UK. Perhaps the real differentiator isn’t just that Christoph delivers on his promises but he does so with honesty and integrity.

Paul HumphreysCFOCare UK
Vic Rayner

Many care operators today are facing more financial pressures than ever before. It is therefore imperative we offer our members a way to address such cost pressures without compromising on the quality of care. I am therefore delighted to announce that Marr Procurement, the Care Sector Procurement Specialist, has joined the National Care Forum as a new partner in 2017.

Vic RaynerExecutive DirectorNational Care Forum
Alison-Rose Quirie

Swanton Care Ltd recently demerged from the Barchester care group which prompted a business transformation programme designed to improve operational efficiency, reduce operating costs and ensure our residents continue to enjoy high levels of quality care. A vital part of this programme involves a comprehensive review of the Swanton supply base and therefore a need existed to appoint a procurement partner that I could trust, one with a track record of genuine delivery, with recent social care procurement expertise and one which would put the needs of my residents first, hence the appointment of Marr Procurement.

Alison-Rose QuirieCEOSwanton Care
Suzanne Lawrence

I have worked with Christoph for over five years and during that time have been convinced by the extent of savings that a disciplined, well organised, procurement function can deliver, even within an organisation that is not supported by strong information and procurement applications. However more than this, I have been continuously impressed by Christoph’s personal commitment to respectfully educating his internal clients every step of the way – smoothing complexities, standing should to shoulder with difficult characters or sometimes heated internal politics and always making himself available for challenge, scrutiny and explanation.

Suzanne LawrenceHealthcare MDCare UK
Kevin McGinn

Christoph Marr has assisted us immeasurably to identify effective approaches and tools for data analysis and to recognise the benefits of unifying and managing disparate business processes. By working with Christoph, my staff and I have gained understandings and insights into our Government Corporate Procurement Card operations we would not have attained by ourselves. He is an invaluble, irreplaceable asset to us. I look forward to maintaining a close working relationship with Christoph into the future.

Kevin McGinnExecutive Director, US Navy, Naval Regional Contracting Command, Naples, Italy
Geoff Benn

I had long championed the need for a professional procurement function to assist the organisation in taking advantage of our growing size of our purchasing muscle. What I had completely not understood was the added value that a highly progressional approach to the business area could make to both the strategic performance for the business and to our development as a high quality provider. Under Christoph Marr’s leadership over the past 7 years the true value and the contribution that can be made by professional procurement has become yet another eye opener for me.

Geoff BennGroup Business Development DirectorCare UK
Roy Hastings

Key for our business was to find a procurement professional we could trust, someone who would represent our business with integrity and someone who had deep procurement experience coupled with a robust track record and a strong reputation for delivering real savings. In Marr Procurement we found the ideal procurement partner to lead our cost transformation programme.

Roy HastingsCFOThe Practice plc
Mike Parish

During 2008 we decided that Care UK had reached sufficient scale of business to initiate a professional procurement function despite significant reservations in the senior management team. Scepticism related to bad past experience of claimed savings not being verified and lack of empathy for operational requirements. These reservations led us to appoint a candidate who argued for a minimalist resource until opportunity was validated, for independent audit on benefit and for deep immersion into the business before commencing the procurement challenge.

During the subsequent seven years Christoph’s team influenced nearly £2bn of spend; the direct contribution of the procurement function has proven to be material and engagement of operational teams across the organisation has gained strong internal support and sponsorship as well as becoming totemic as an illustration of the case for cross business working. Alongside the hard and soft measures, I would personally cite the successful battle against scepticism. Previous sceptics have been won over and have become champions of the procurement profession. Procurement is absolutely in the vanguard of organisation and cultural change and this is to the credit of Christoph Marr’s extraordinary leadership.

Mike ParishCEOCare UK
David Rice

The Salvation Army takes the efficient running of what is now a substantial organisation seriously so that we maximise what we give back to society. An important foundation of this philosophy is ensuring we spend wisely. The Salvation Army has therefore embarked upon an in depth review of its’ UK and ROI Territory supply base and we are delighted to announce that Christoph Marr has been appointed as our Trusted Procurement Adviser to The Salvation Army Governance Board. In this appointment we were looking for a business with real procurement experience, which operated with humility and is a business we can depend on, hence the appointment of Marr Procurement. Since the appointment Marr Procurement has completely exceeded our expectations in relation to generous support, advice and thought leadership.

David RiceAssistant Secretary for Business AdministrationThe Salvation Army
Gordon Cochrane

Care UK was looking for a procurement consultancy with a reputation for delivery, with real contract management experience and with a team that we could trust, hence why we appointed marrprocurement to support us with an important contract management project.

Gordon CochraneCommercial DirectorCare UK
Rob Pinsent

Morris & Co is a long established, successful, family run business which over the years has built a reputation founded on quality and integrity. When looking for procurement support it was vital to us that we found a company which shared our values and, of course, had a reputation for delivering real value, hence the appointment of Marr Procurement.

Rob PinsentChief Business OfficerMorris Care
Tim Newman

Yeovil NHS Trust is a Vanguard Trust which is going through a number of exciting changes. We pride ourselves in putting patients at the heart of everything we do and by operating with a can-do attitude based on values of integrity and capability. It is vital we achieve this cost effectively, hence the ongoing focus on how we buy goods and services. I brought Marr Procurement into the Yeovil NHS Trust to support my established team with an important procurement project, largely because Marr Procurement shares the same values as Yeovil NHS Trust and has a reputation for delivering. Marr Procurement told me they would find savings without compromising on the patient experience and without reducing quality and they did; they told me they would work in a sensitive and professional manner with my team, and they did – how refreshing. My expectations were exceeded and I look forward to working with Marr Procurement again in the future.

Tim NewmanCFOYeovil NHS Foundation Trust
David Phillipps

Like most of the organisations providing NHS services, the management of costs and use of agency staff need to be carefully managed as part of an overarching Resourcing strategy. Christoph from Marr Procurement helped us with the introduction of de Poel to help manage our agency staffing and he quickly got to grips with the key areas we were seeking to improve and provided a level of experience and knowledge that has been extremely useful to us. Marr Procurement identified savings well in excess of our expectations.

David PhillippsCFOVirgin Care
Janet Bishopp

Cost management is a critical part of our business. We closely monitor our performance and rigorously appraise our Procurement strategy on an ongoing basis to ensure we achieve efficiencies on behalf of our business partners. Marr Procurement worked with us to establish an internal Procurement function and we were very impressed by their professional approach and quality advice which ultimately helped to shape the right Procurement approach for Hammerson.

Janet BishoppHead of Shopping Centre ManagementHammerson plc
John Wallace

Like Anchor, Marr Procurement is a values-driven business, hence their appointment to work with my team on a strategic procurement project. While normally reticent of using external Procurement consultancies, Marr Procurement added real value, proffered new ideas, clearly understood the Anchor business, operated with honesty and transparency and their costs were less than the agreed budget. I look forward to working with Marr Procurement again in the future.

John WallaceHead of Procurement and PurchasingAnchor
Angela Culhane

Marr Procurement helped us start from a very low base in procurement processes to completion of our first savings project, which will enable us to invest even more in helping men survive prostate cancer and enjoy a better quality of life. The approach from Marr Procurement was rigorous and we really benefitted from the expert advice they provided but they were also careful to ensure ownership remained within the Prostate Cancer UK team and that skills were transferred into the team. It was important for us to have a partner like Marr Procurement, with integrity we could trust and who would help us drive value for the charity in a sustainable way.

Angela CulhaneCFOProstate Cancer UK
Allan Johnson

Marr Procurement led a twelve month sourcing programme for The Practice Group which delivered a substantial saving, (and a more robust supply base), on multiple spend categories and they did so by working sensitively with my team. A great result!

Allan JohnsonCEOThe Practice Group
Cecile Parker

As a high growth, private equity backed organisation, JLA relies heavily on having a first class, cost effective, supply base. We engaged Marr Procurement to work closely with our team to deliver savings; the savings identified were material. We engaged Marr Procurement because of their reputation for operating with integrity and their track record of delivering real savings. We were delighted with the outcome.

Cecile ParkerGroup Finance DirectorJLA
Stephen Baxter

I was delighted with the work Marr Procurement did with my team. In short, they delivered and did so with integrity. I look forward to working with them again in the future.

Stephen BaxterCEOJLA
Caroline Bailes

Quantum Care prides itself in providing outstanding care and key to this is ensuring we have the right suppliers in place to support our business. In 2015 we appointed Marr Procurement as our Procurement partner and have been delighted with their professional support, their detailed knowledge of the Care Sector and their honest approach; material savings have been identified and, as importantly, the Marr Procurement team have worked sensitively with the wider Quantum Care team. I do look forward to working with Marr Procurement in the future.

Caroline BailesCFOQuantum Care
Carrie-Anne Ferrie

Marr Procurement are happy to announce that they have been developing an offer for the Mencap Network, which will be officially launching later this year. The Mencap Network is made up of over 400 network partners, who are independent charities in their own right but share the same vision and values.

Carrie-Anne FerrieRoyal Mencap Society
Chris Wall

Somerset Care is delighted to advise that Marr Procurement has been appointed as our procurement partner. We were looking for a procurement partner that shares our values and has deep care sector procurement expertise. Marr Procurement said they would find savings without compromising on quality and they have.

Chris WallCFO and Deputy CEOSomerset Care Ltd
Ed Russell

WCS Care is delighted to advise that Marr Procurement have been appointed as our procurement partner. We were looking for an organisation that understood the care sector and shared our values, hence why we appointed Marr Procurement.

Ed RussellDirector of Innovation and DeliveryWCS Care
Frances Grigg

Heritage Care understand the need for good cost management in the current climate and as such we are working with Marr Procurement, specialists in care sector procurement, to identify ways to reduce cost but without compromising on the care and support we provide or the quality of what we buy.

Frances GriggHeritage Care
Susan Summers

The thing that struck me about working closely with the Marr Procurement team wasn’t just that they were honest and worked in a refreshingly transparent way but as important they are all experienced subject matter experts, they delivered what they said they would deliver and were a pleasure to work with. What a breath of fresh air.

Susan SummersChief PharmacistVirgin Care
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