marrprocurement offers sourcing and procurement services split into two areas:

Supply Base Optimisation and Strategic Sourcing.

Supply Base Optimisation (SBO)

The SBO service includes a number of capabilities including designing the right sourcing strategy for both goods for profit and goods not for resale; addressing supplier proliferation; supplier relationship management; designing new supply bases; leading synergy programmes post acquisition; implementing eProcurement, contracts and supplier relationship management systems; identifying and managing supply side risk; leading change programmes, (e.g. to address clinical preference risks); aggregating spend across organisations and leading compliance programmes (i.e. to improve operational compliance to preferred supply agreements).

Strategic Sourcing

Strategic sourcing covers both goods for profit and goods not for resale where our approach consists of three cyclical phases; to FIND the saving, to GET (i.e. deliver) the saving and then to KEEP the saving so the benefit to the business isn’t eroded over time. marrprocurement has experience of buying insurance services, professional services, temporary labour agency services, all areas of indirect procurement, (i.e. goods not for profit), and a large number of ‘goods for profit’ spend areas.

1. Finding savings

Identifying where the savings are: the marrprocurement analytics team will carry out an Opportunity Assessment of your spend to identify savings opportunities. Based on the large number of recent sourcing projects marrprocurement has been involved in, we are well placed to help advise clients quickly whether or not a savings opportunity exists. We have developed a comprehensive list of qualification criteria which helps to pinpoint and prioritise savings opportunities. The output is a report which will indicate which spend areas should be prioritised and what level of savings potential exists. Determining how best to deliver the savings once they’ve been identified: the marrprocurement sourcing team will work as part of your team to create and deliver a sourcing strategy designed to prioritise savings opportunities, unlock savings fast and ensure supply side risk is managed effectively. The output is a report which details where to focus sourcing efforts to yield the greatest saving and where to minimise supply chain risk.

2. Getting savings

marrprocurement will then manage, again working as part of your team, any number of competitive tender processes thoroughly and professionally to ensure your organisation secures the right result appropriate for your business. Delivering savings is not all about cutting cost; balancing the quality of the product or service with the right price is vital. Key also is ensuring that the product or service being bought yields the best operational outcome. marrprocurement uses a flexible and proven sourcing process which includes gathering business requirements, finding suitable suppliers, competing and negotiating the business requirement, implementing the supply agreement and then designing the right supplier relationship management plan to ensure the unlocked value isn’t eroded over time. Key to ‘Getting Savings’ is ensuring a high level of operational compliance to the new supply agreement exists by the end users. marrprocurement recognises there is often a behavioural or cultural challenge, particularly for businesses where historically supply side decisions have been made locally; key to addressing this challenge, (so that supply agreement end users embrace a new contract), is understanding the importance of change management and that it is a critical pre-requisite for any procurement transformation programme; marrprocurement uses a proven change management methodology which reflects years of operational lessons learnt so your organisation can benefit from this real and current experience. While a general list of lessons learnt exists, marrprocurement has also developed lessons learnt for specific spend category sourcing projects; for example, the best way to buy insurance is very different to the optimal way to buy construction and professional services. For a list of the critical pre-requisites for managing change successfully, click here

3. Keeping savings

It is critical that when a new supplier is appointed or an incumbent suppliers’ contract is renewed, the savings and value delivered at the outset of such supply agreements is not lost through the life of the agreement. marrprocurement offers clients a contract management service which ensures the value delivered when a new supply agreement is signed, isn’t lost through the life of the supply agreement. This loss of value is sometimes called contract leakage; marrprocurement works with clients to minimise such contract leakage by designing simple yet effective key performance indicators and service level agreements during the contract negotiation phase and then, using Contracts Management software designed exclusively for marrprocurement the contractual commitments are tracked to ensure the operational performance of the new supply agreement is aligned with the original supply agreement. Using twenty years of deep procurement expertise marrprocurement also offers a mentoring and coaching service to newly appointed procurement leaders. The marrprocurement mentoring programme is designed to pass on procurement skills so that your business quickly becomes self reliant, without the need to use external procurement expertise.
marrprocurement also offers a ‘trusted adviser’ service; marrprocurement has been brought into companies where such clients have started to work with large, often global consultancies where the role of Trusted Procurement Adviser helps clients optimise the value derived from working with large consultancies.

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