What is the Procurement Portal?

The Procurement Portal provides care operators with online access to carefully selected, professionally managed and regularly competed suppliers. This ‘one stop shop’ gives users access to their suppliers in one easy-to-use, personalised dashboard. By using the Procurement Portal, users have peace of mind they are buying the right good or service at the right price.

“Like the easiness of ordering – having it all in one place”

“Purchasing became easier…shopping was made easier”

“Brilliant to have just one login rather than many accounts”

The Procurement Portal provides:

• Sustainable savings for your business
• An opportunity to put all your suppliers in one place
• Competitive prices negotiated via a professional, independently audited supplier management process
• A strategic tool which communicates clearly to users who their preferred suppliers are
• Staff training and support from Marr Procurement
• A strong foundation for driving a culture of enhanced cost management

How will the Procurement Portal save money for my business?

Marr Procurement leverages £247m of spend across 25 care groups to secure competitive prices for your organisation The Procurement Portal connects your business with a network of trusted suppliers that truly understand the care, charity and social housing sectors. For all suppliers linked with the Procurement Portal, we monitor invoice prices to ensure suppliers are charging the right prices.

“It is easy to use and a one stop shop so you don’t have to keep remembering website addresses…. you can just click directly on the desktop icon”

Kerry, Portal user, Swanton Care

The care, charity and social housing sectors are under significant pressure, constantly being asked to do more for less – we believe the Procurement Portal is a means of helping you achieve this.

If the Procurement Portal is of interest to your business, please get in touch to discuss your requirements: email or Tel. 01206 382 88


Are you a Portal Client?

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