At Marr we try to be environmentally conscious about everything we do.  Here are some of the measures we take to reduce our impact as a business on the environment:

  • Travel – we take pubic transport whenever physically possible.
  • Printing – we try to do everything digitally.  When we do have to print it’s double sided to save paper.
  • Recycling – we recycle all waste paper from our office.
  • Staff walking – we walk to meetings within London wherever possible.
  • Staff remote working – most of our team work remotely, so we run a small office to reduce our impact.
  • Office lights on movement sensors – our lights only come on when we’re moving to use less electricity.
  • Office location next to public transport – we deliberately chose our offices to be easy to reach via public transport.
  • Print production – our marketing materials are printed on FSC approved paper stock and are carbon neutral.
  • No plastic cups – we use reusable glass cups for water and never plastic cups.

We continue to work on lessening our impact on the environment.