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Our team have deep financial and procurement expertise;  we have all worked as operators with Blue Chip organisations and wanted to create a values led consultancy providing clients with innovative supply chain solutions and fresh ways to approach procurement.  We call upon our significant experience in both the public and private sectors.  We have sourced goods and services from washers and lubricants to lighthouse maintenance, from incontinence products to electricity, from temporary labour to food.  What makes us different is the way we source goods and services.

We have considerable experience of working with Private Equity partners to unlock savings quickly, often following an acquisition.


Using twenty years of deep procurement expertise Marr Procurement also offers a mentoring and coaching service to newly appointed procurement leaders. The Marr Procurement mentoring programme is designed to pass on procurement skills so that your business quickly becomes self-reliant, without the need to use external procurement expertise.

Marr Procurement also offers a ‘trusted adviser’ service; we can be brought into companies where such clients have started to work with large, often global consultancies where the role of Trusted Procurement Adviser helps clients optimise the value derived from working with large


Our Analysts are Mathematicians, Chartered Accountants and experienced Analysts.

It is in our DNA to find savings quickly and key to achieving this is understanding your spend, both by supplier and by category.  Our extraordinary team of Analysts with work with you to agree the scope (influenced by a combination of your direction and our experience), and will then immerse themselves in cleansing, de-duplicating, merging, categorising and interpreting your purchase order and invoice data, identifying trends, opportunities for savings and delivering key insights.

Our Analysts work very closely with you and our procurement consultants to quickly and accurately create an Opportunity Assessment Review (OAR) for you.  The OAR is a phased sourcing plan which prioritises areas of spend to maximise savings quickly.  The team also play a key supporting role in delivery activity via savings tracking and reporting, benchmarking, tender activities and the publication of regular performance dashboards so that you can easily track forecast savings v’s actual savings, all of which can then be easily aligned to your budget planning cycle.

Our analytics services include;

  • In depth total spend data analysis– cleanse, categorisation and visualisation
  • Cost reduction opportunity assessments and reporting packs (OAR)
  • Maturity assessments– benchmarking your existing Procurement function by cost and capability
  • Market benchmarking activities– including Make vs Buy assessments
  • Supply chain analytics– optimising inventory management
  • Tracking of actual savings– delivered at supplier and product levels
  • Supplier invoicing audits– identifying and delivering bottom line benefits

Procurement Transformation

Using our Procurement Maturity Assessment (PMA) model, we can help you transform your Procurement operating model including processes, capabilities, resources and systems to deliver improved savings, services and to ensure your approach to Procurement is closely aligned to the strategic direction of your business.

While delivering auditable sourcing projects is our bread and butter, our deep Procurement expertise across multi sectors is where we can really add sustainable value to review and transform your Procurement operating model, or transform a particular category area of spend, systems or operations. This will drive sustained improved performance, bottom line results, operational efficiencies and enhanced culture, linked to your company values and strategic direction.

To assess your Procurement operating model we use our PMA model which we have developed over many years. The PMA is an independent and objective assessment of the 7 key elements contributing to the performance of a Procurement function. It helps to establish the “As is” and the “To be”, identifies and priorities the key gaps and informs your Procurement Strategy. Generally, the use of maturity profiling helps;

  • to engage key stakeholders and allow them to provide confidential feedback;
  • to clarify differences between ‘yesterday’ and ‘tomorrow’;
  • to identify the current state and gaps which confirms the need for action;
  • to prioritise needs (capacity, capabilities, etc.);
  • to design the right fit Procurement operating model for your business by utilising best practice models;
  • create a framework to benchmark the maturity of purchasing processes in the future;
  • to create a clear roadmap of activity and next steps to achieve (including business case);

In some circumstances you may have a specific need (cost reduction, operational efficiencies, growth strategy, etc.), which may be linked to a specific spend area like IT, agency management or your warehouse operations. We will undertake a review and propose a plan of action to transform that single operation so that you can benefit from our well-developed Procurement tools and techniques (including professional project management, change assessment and strategy management) when delivering the right fit sustainable and measurable transformation your business requires.

Our Procurement Transformation services are focused on delivering real outcomes with pragmatism:

  • PMA – process and policy review, stakeholder interviews, benchmarking, operating model development, roadmap, business case design
  • Make vs Buy – cost modelling, benchmarking, market intelligence, change management
  • Programme transformation management – programme management, change management, risk management, stakeholder engagement, benefits tracking & reporting (of forecast v’s actual savings)
  • Project transformation management – similar to organisation wide programme management, but specific to a defined area or project outcome
  • Managed services – interim procurement services while we design, create and transition procurement cost effectively back to you in a self-sustainable model

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