Marr Procurement offer a suite of procurement services that can be tailored to suit the needs of your business. Marr Procurement is run by Managing Director Christoph Marr who has over 20 years’ experience in the procurement field. Marr Procurement also consists of a talented team of consultants who cover a huge breadth of expertise that can be tapped into dependent on a client’s needs.

Marr’s offering consists of 4 major areas:

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All our core competencies have been developed through years of really listening to what clients within the Care Sector need to run their businesses more efficiently and ultimately save money by putting robust and lasting new strategies in place.

Marr’s approach is collaborative, honest and expert. By focusing on Care Sector procurement, Marr are leading the way in innovative procurement methodologies for Care Homes and Care Groups of all sizes.

“Marr Procurement is like a breath of fresh air in that before I joined the team everyone I talked to said what they liked about them was that, not only do they produce outstanding results, but they are also open, honest and nice people to work with. Having now worked with the team I can confirm that the feedback I received was absolutely right. At a time when the UK Care Sector is facing financial difficulties, if there is one organisation that can help to reduce operating costs without compromising on quality, it’s Marr Procurement.”

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